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Excessive use of tobacco, tea, coffee, and unhygienic habits will eventually cause teeth to become discolored. Depending on the teeth whitening product you use, and how often you brush your teeth, the outcome will often vary. When over-the-counter products fail to work to your satisfaction, our whitening procedures have effectively restored the smile of people with stained, dull, or discolored teeth. Your best solution is to seek the services of one of our teeth whitening cincinnati dentists. Our experienced professionals will performs a more thorough job by deep cleaning teeth and using solutions in a single treatment to make the teeth look several shades whiter.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

When you have unsightly, discolored teeth, you might feel self-conscious in public. Having a whiter set of teeth is a wonderful makeover that transforms your personality and image. A teeth whitening treatment has the ability to enhance your looks and gives you the inner confidence to create a great first impression. For these reasons, people will opt for a whiter smile because the transformation enables them to feel better about themselves

The Teeth Whitening Cincinnati Professional Dentist

With an in-office option, patients are guaranteed the dentist will meet their expectations. During an office visit, patients undergo a “power bleaching” treatment that is safe and cost-effective. This specific treatment is ideal for teeth that is severely stained or discolored. The outer surfaces of the teeth are whitened with the use of a potent, hydrogen peroxide solution that is activated by a specialized light. Our teeth whitening cincinnati professional dentist has the skill to improve the appearance of discolored teeth in a single visit, using safe protocols to achieve effective results. 

A teeth whitening office session is a common method preferred by people who wish to have a gleaming, white smile within a short time frame. If you are tri-state resident with the desire to achieve a radiant, dazzling smile, create an appointment request today or call (513) 631-6600 and the experts at our dental office are always ready to answer any questions that a person may have and thoroughly explain all of the procedures that they perform and use.


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