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Dear Dr. Baron,
I'd like to thank you for recommending and gently encouraging me to consider IV sedation for my recent dental work.

Initially I was reluctant to try it for a number of reasons, but it became clear to me that local anesthetic just wasn't suitable for me for this procedure. I didn't want to try IV sedation because I thought I wouldn't be in control or would feel dizzy or have undesirable side-effects. All my fears were put to rest and I am so glad that I agreed to try it.

I felt no pain and remember nothing of the procedure. When it was time for me to "wake up" I was alert immediately. When I arrived home I was able to prepare and eat a light dinner and talk on the phone. I went to bed a little earlier than usual and had a restful night's sleep. The next morning I was refreshed and able to attend to business as usual.

I also want to thank you, Mary Jane, and Theresa for making me very comfortable. Knowing you are in the care of competent, caring, Christian staff helps make a difficult situation easier. - Anne W

I am writing you to thank Dr. Baron and his office for my pleasant
experience recently getting two Cerec crowns.
I was in need of crowns on opposite sides of my mouth. (Both molars had painful cracks and old, large fillings.) I was glad to hear Dr. Baron say he could take care of both of them in one visit.

The computerized equipment that designed and milled the new teeth was quite impressive. Once the tooth was shaped was done, digital images taken, and digital "fine tuning" completed, it took only twelve minutes to create each new tooth -- an exact replica of the original -- only now a beautiful porcelain tooth that looks totally natural. There was far less adjusting needed than with a traditional crown, and I was even eating popcorn comfortably later that day!

These Cerec crowns are far superior to the old method of taking impressions, fitting a temporary crown, and then returning to have the temp removed and the new crown cemented at a later visit. I am glad that the Cerec crowns do not have could, over time, show a dark area at the gum line. These new crowns have a perfect, seamless bond to my existing tooth.

I was extremely happy with results of this time saving, one-trip procedure.

Thank you, Dr. Baron, for the most excellent care I received at you
office. You will certainly be highly recommended in the future.

Audrey S.

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